Monogram Wizard

• Simplifies the creation of stylized monograms.

• Easy-to-use template based designs can be edited and saved for future use.

• Use any DG15 font and thread chart.

• Choose frames and decor elements individually for additional personalization.

Superior Vector Features

• Users are easily able to add multiple anchor points.

• Anchor points can be quickly converted by pressing control and right clicking.

o Cusp to Smooth

o Smooth to Straight (results in Cusp)

o Symmetric to Smooth

• This new function helps users doing designs for carbon layer. Select one or more nodes with the Vertex Select Tool and right click on one of the selected nodes to open a function list for nodes. The Move Anchors option in this list allows users to enter values for selected nodes to be moved.

• Alignment features have been added for the following:

o Vertical alignment to top, bottom and center/none

o Horizontal alignment to left, right and center/none

• Breakup can now be applied to virtual slice segments. This feature will breakup each sliced section. After breaking up, virtual slicing is lost and user can only use combine for branching.

• Rectangle Slice Tool has been created.


New Stitch Type

• Shape Echo is a new stitch type that can be applied to a closed shape with a hole. The stitches will spiral in one continuous running stitch from the center of the segment.


Remove Underlay

• The remove underlay setting will attempt to detect and remove underlay stitches when converting a stitch file to outlines.



New Fill Options for Wave & Complex Fills

• Standard and carved fills can be used together with a wave effect. This means that wave fills maintain the pattern assigned to them and do not distort the pattern.

• Revolving complex fill. Stitches generate in a revolving path

• Complex Fill Modifier will have repeats and patterns mirror those in complex fill.

o During stitch generation, it collects the overlapping outlines and settings and modifies the complex fill stitch generation in those overlapping areas.
• The Merge Fill option will reduce the number of outline segments in a design and will also convert fills to Complex Fills when possible.

Improved Quotation Estimator

• Users can rotate the 3D design image within the Quotation Estimator.

• This feature allows the user to pre-populate information from previously entered/stored customer data.


Increased Snapping Functionality

• Users have the ability to select nodes and snap them to an art segment or snap to grid.

• When modifying a segment snap to guidelines on the canvas.

• Snapping to anchor points is now available.


New machine integration features

• Display messages to machine operators on the controller through your design

• Set the maximum speed of the machine through your design.


New Shape Artwork Tools

• Divide Tool: This tool cuts intersecting artwork into separate segments. at each point where two outlines intersect. New outlines are created to close the resulting gaps.

• Knockout Tool: Where two segments overlap, the Knockout removes the part of the lower segment that is overlapped. The portion of the top segment that overlaps the lower segment is retained.


Vertical Text Capability

• A Vertical Text Tool has been added.

• This tool includes vertical spacing between characters. The default value is 25% of the reference height of the font.

• Vertical text can be adjusted using vertical justify.

Improved Sequin Features

• Start and end lock stitches are available for sequin fill segments.

• DG15 has added functionality to sequin tools that allows for an automatic gap when a path in a sequin segment intersects.

• Shiny effects have been added to the way that sequins are displayed.

• DG15 has added a function allowing the user to add more than one sequin on top of another in a freeplace sequin segment.


Touch-Screen Support

• Improved gesture recognition


Using the Latest Technology

• DG15 takes advantage of the latest hardware and operating systems with powerful 64-bit processing and CorelDRAW X8® support.

The all new PulseCloud enables you to increase your productivity by giving you access to your design portfolio and machine stats from anywhere in the world.


Membership to PulseCloud is included with your purchase of Tajima DG15 by Pulse, which includes: storage space for 100,000 designs, access to WebApps from any internet enabled device using your personal PulseCloud account, up to the minute machine statistics and more.


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